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It’s been a challenging few weeks, but we made it! Our ecosystem is now integrated into Telegram via CryptoBot!

This is an exciting step for us, as we are convinced that this new investment concept will allow more people to benefit from the performance of our fund.

We have been pursuing the same idea since the inception of our project: to allow everyone to benefit from the performance of alternative markets easily and safely.

So let’s get straight to the point and explore the benefits of our technology and the main functionalities of CryptoBot.

Note: If you are new to us, you can always check out our article “Introducing the Club.

So why is this new investment concept so exciting?

We developed an ecosystem consisting of a stablecoin and a set of smart contracts. The stablecoin (BUSDT) can be staked in a smart contract for a specific period. During this time, experienced traders invest the capital in high-return markets.

Earnings are reported monthly, and investors have the option to receive their gains or to invest them to earn compound interest.*

To maximize trust, our investors’ funds are locked in smart contracts, and our stablecoin has been audited.

BUSDT Staking Features:

  • Minimum investment of 200 USD.**
  • 90-day, 180-day, 270-day, and 360-day investment periods**.
  • Earnings are paid every month.**
  • No KYC.**
  • Decentralized.
  • Blockchain-based investment protocol (transparent).
  • Smart contracts audited by Callisto Network.

And what is CryptoBot?

Think of CryptoBot as a user interface, bridging the gap between Telegram and the blockchain!

The Bot was initiated in 2019 by a community of over 180 people and had been growing ever since!

Compatible with the most popular cryptocurrencies, CryptoBot features a full crypto wallet solution with an optimized multilingual interface.

In this respect, we are currently contributing to translating the user interface into several new languages.

CryptoBot key functionalities:

  • Direct blockchain transactions.
  • Non-custodial wallet.
  • Private keys management.
  • Private keys encryption feature (optional).
  • Totally free for non-commercial use.

BUSDT Staking with CryptoBot: A guide.

Step 1 Register with CryptoBot.

To use the bot, you must be registered. For this purpose, we will start a dialogue with the bot.

1.a — Start a private chat with @Crypto_TheBot.

1.b — Press the “START” button, or send the “/start” command if the button is not available.

1.c — When interacting with the bot for the first time, the “Register” button will be displayed. By clicking it, the bot will generate wallet addresses for every supported coin.

1.d - You are now registered with the bot; we can proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Interface Language.

The bot can be adjusted to display dialogs in multiple languages. The currently supported languages are the following:

  • English (Default).
  • Russian.
  • Vietnamese.
  • French.
  • Korean.
  • German.
  • Czech.
  • Spanish.
  • Chinese.***
  • Arabic.***

If you are an Anglophone or your language is not currently supported, please proceed directly to Step 3.

2.a - Tap on the “Settings” button.

2.b - Press “Language.”

2.c - Select your language. For the purposes of this guide, we will be selecting the English language.

2.d - The new interface language is set!

Step 3 - Purchase BUSDT Stablecoins.

Now that the bot is set up, you will be able to buy BUSDT.

During this step, we will proceed to exchange USDT for BUSDT. To do so, you will be asked to send the amount of USDT you want to invest to one of the Bulls Investing Club wallets, and you will receive the equal amount in BUSDT in return.

The BUSDT token is, like the USDT, a dollar-backed stablecoin, maintaining a 1 USD to 1 BUSDT ratio. For more details on the BUSDT stablecoin, please refer to our previous article.

3.a - Press “Wallet to navigate to the wallet section.

3.b - Select “Balance”.

3.c - Press the “BUSDT” button.

3.d - Tap on the “Buy BUSDT Tokens” button.

3.e - Select the network you want to use to transfer your USDT (Binance Chain in our example).

Note: Caution: It is imperative to use the proper network to transfer your funds. Otherwise, your funds will be lost. Please check before proceeding.

3.f - Select the destination address (in green), then copy and paste it into your wallet. Repeat the operation with the memo (in purple), if applicable.

Note: This operation must be conducted carefully. Any mistake during this process can result in the permanent loss of your funds.

3.g - After completing the transfer process, a Tx hash will be provided to you. Please enter it in the message box and submit it.

Note: This operation enables us to ensure you are the originator of the transfer.

3.h - After the transaction is confirmed, we will send you your BUSDT tokens (in green).

Note: Your BUSDT tokens will be sent to you as soon as we receive the Tx hash and the network confirms your transaction (in purple).

3.i - To check your BUSDT deposit, click on “Balance” and then on “BUSDT.” Your balance will be displayed, 200 BUSDT in this example.

Step 4 — Stake your BUSDT

We have now reached the last step of our guide. During this step, we will transfer the BUSDT tokens to the staking smart contract.

Note: Remember that BUSDTs are tokens, so it will be required to keep at least 1 CLO to cover the blockchain’s transaction fees.

-For simplicity, we have developed a mechanism that checks your CLO wallet balance when you complete the BUSDT token purchase and automatically sends you 1 CLO if your balance is 0.****

4.a - Press the “Staking” button.

4.b - Select “BUSDT Staking.”

4.c - Then tap on “ Stake BUSDT.”

4.d - Confirm by clicking “yes”.

4.e - At this point, you must choose the amount you want to invest. By default, the system proposes 25%, 50%, or 100% of your balance in BUSDT tokens, but you can also enter a specific amount by tapping on “Enter value manually”.

4.f - If you have chosen to enter the value manually, you must now enter the amount of BUSDT tokens you want to stake ( 200 in our example) and then validate. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

4.g - Select the number of days you wish to invest your tokens, 90 days (3 months), 180 days (6 months), 270 days (9 months), or 360 days (12 months). Remember that the more days you invest the bigger the reward.

4.h - Confirm by clicking “yes”.

4.i - After validating, a status message containing the helpful information is displayed:

  • Your BUSDT balance.
  • Your BUSDT Staking Balance.
  • The date you initiated the Staking.
  • The current status of your staking.
  • The time period in which you will be able to withdraw your earnings.*****

4.j - You can check the status of your staking round anytime by pressing the “BUSDT in Stake” button in the “BUSDT Staking” section.

Step 5 — Monthly Earnings

As the fund’s earnings are calculated on a monthly basis, you may withdraw your profits from the fund during the first five days of the following calendar month (ex: from January 3 to February 3 or from February 28 to March 28).

After this period, the system will consolidate your gains with your investment capital to generate compound interest.

To withdraw your funds, you have two options:

  • Unstake BUSDT (in green): You will receive your earnings/capital as BUSDT tokens in your CryptoBot wallet.
  • Unstake USDT (in purple): Use this method to transfer your earnings/capital to the wallet originally used to purchase the BUSDT tokens.

Step 6 — End of staking period

At the end of the staking period, you can withdraw your initial capital and the earnings you have accumulated with the fund. After 5 days, your money will be locked for 25 days.

  • Please refer to step 5 for the withdrawal methods.
  • * Fund earnings are announced monthly, and gains cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the market.
  • **Could be changed in the future.
  • *** Translation in progress, will be available soon.
  • **** If your CLO wallet once had a positive balance, you will not receive any CLO coins, and a dialog box will ask you to purchase or transfer CLO coins.
  • ***** If you don’t withdraw your earning during this period, your earnings will be locked for another round.


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