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2 min readMar 8, 2021

On March 4, 2021, we successfully deployed the BIC token on Callisto Network blockchain at the address: 0x46Ab5eA25A04d82d8DBD01C29745Eb5D6f29c075

This article presents the token and its utility for investors. In our next article, we will go into more depth about the way it works.

To provide the highest level of security for our investors’ funds, we decided to launch the BIC token on the Callisto Network’s blockchain. We will request a security audit of our smart contracts by the Callisto Security Department, which is among the leading expert in the field.

Another advantage of Callisto Network relies on its blockchain itself, which combines fast and low-cost transactions.

BIC token specificities:

Name: BIC token.
Ticket: BIC.
Standard: BEP20.
Platform: Callisto Network.

Edit: Following our agreement with the Callisto Network founders, we have evolved the BIC token’s technical characteristics to create the Bulls token ($BUSDT), which will be the Callisto Network blockchain’s stablecoin.

The BIC Token is therefore replaced by the Bulls USD, however, the use case described in this article is still relevant.

You can find more information about the Bulls USD token in our article “BUSDT a stablecoin for the Callisto Network ecosystem.

Trust and Flexibility

We took advantage of the smart contract technology to implement an innovative mechanism; The investor locks his BIC tokens in the fund’s smart contract for three months. During this period, experimented traders invest the capital in high-return markets. The earnings are shared equally between the investors and the management team at the beginning of each month.

How does it work?

  1. Convert your USDT to BIC tokens from your BIC wallet.
  2. Lock your BIC tokens for a minimal period of three months.
  3. Dring the locking period, you will receive your share of BIC’s monthly distribution (between the 1st and 5th).
  4. At your discretion, you may decide to convert your income and capital into USDT and withdraw it, or you can leverage compound interest by reinvesting the capital and the interest.

Note that Bulls Investing Club will not sell BIC tokens, and no pre-mined or minted tokens will be set aside for the team.

We are currently redoubling our efforts to stick to our roadmap. In the next few days, we will launch our website as well as the BIC wallet.

Sincerely yours,

The Bulls Investing Club Team.

Planning to invest?

To do so, please complete the online form. We will contact you within the next 48 hours.


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