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3 min readFeb 18, 2021

The words “profit” and “ gains” are probably ones of the most used words in our society today, naturally in the business world but also in the media. The notion of profit, gains, and growth is constantly repeated in newspaper articles and television news. The same is true in family life, where it has become a common topic of conversation.

Paradoxically, if the gains made by the wealthiest are astronomic, the average saver has few viable options to make a decent profit since the traditional means of household savings have seen their returns fall to their lowest levels in history. In some cases, these returns are no longer sufficient to cover rising inflation, leading to the absurd situation where a person loses purchasing power by saving.

The best of both worlds

While the cryptocurrency and Forex markets are often cited for their high returns, they are not easily accessible to the common investor. Another point of concern is their volatility, making them reserved for the experienced trader.

What if you had the opportunity to enter an innovative investment fund that combines the ease of access of traditional markets with alternative markets’ high performance? An investment fund whose managers are, of course, experienced but also more transparent.

We have developed an innovative investment solution that combines the blockchain’s benefits with those provided by traditional investment instruments, without any entry or disbursement fee.

Make you bullish

Imagine having the opportunity to invest in a fund where experienced traders manage your investment. The gains are distributed in a 50/50 ratio between the management team and the investors.

Earnings payments are made monthly, and the investor has the flexibility to withdraw or reinvest the income if he or she wishes to earn compound interest.

Blockchain technology enables us to introduce such mechanisms to give our investors unprecedented control over their funds and the way they manage their profits.

Our investment plan provides all investors with the opportunity to take advantage of the alternative markets’ high performance.

“Since we want to provide a truly innovative investment method, we set ourselves high standards.” - Bulls Investing Club Team.

Our commitments:

  • Transparency on fund management. (1) (2)
  • Earnings paid monthly.
  • A monthly performance report.
  • A comprehensive quarterly report.

Our guarantees:

  • Smart contract-based solution, the user has the highest level of control over his funds. (2)
  • A token supply is based on the fund's value, at a 1 BIC token ratio for 1 USDT. (2)
  • No pre-mined or minted tokens for the team. (2)
  • Smart contracts audited by a reputable team. (2)

1- Announced profits are and will always be net for the investor.

2- Specifications for the BIC token and its use will be the subject of a separate article.

Note: As the security of our investors’ funds is essential, we are building our solution on Callisto Network’s Blockchain.

The Bulls Investing Club Team.

Planning to invest?

To do so, please complete the online form. We will contact you within the next 48 hours.


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